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With the best Pest Control Krugersdorp & Fumigation Services Krugersdorp, For over 10 years 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp has helped businesses across a wide range of industries combat insects control Krugersdorp, cockroach control Krugersdorp and pest bird infestations.

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It should be undertaken only when management is satisfied that a need to carry out pest control exists, that fumigation is the appropriate process, and that the fumigation may be safely and effectively carried out. In the modern world fumigation of commodities in the export trade is mandatory for quarantine or contractual reasons. Fumigation is useful where a rapid kill of pests is required and for effective removal of pests from structures into which clean commodities are to be brought. Fumigation services in Krugersdorp. 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp provides pest control services that can not be compared to any company. Pest control protects you, your family, your home and your environment from dangerous disease carrying and destructive pests.

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At 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp, our objective is to work with you to create an environment that will not attract pests.  By implementing our Integrated Pest Management program, we’ll help you eradicate existing pest problems and also resolve the underlying causes of infestations to deter future pest activity. Krugersdorp fumigation and Pest Control Services Company provides sufficient experienced personnel trained in fumigation practices to carry out all necessary operations at a reasonable time and affordable price.
All fumigants are highly toxic in nature and require trained personnel for application. 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp employs trained and experienced fumigators who are capable of handling any type of fumigation onshore and offshore.


Stored product pests may appear anywhere in storage, during transport or in processing plant. A store is an ideal breeding place for pests because there is food in abundance, conditions favorable for their development, they are undisturbed and normally the pests are not endangered by their natural enemies. Most suitable way to solve this problem is fumigation because only fumigant will reach the pests in their most remote hiding places, killing all development stages of insects’ eggs, larvae, pupae, adults. 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp will work closely with you to deny pests entry, deny harborage and deny them food in your home or office. Our expert team of technicians are coached and trained on the latest in pest control technology, biology of the pests and in insights of client relationship to advise how to make your home a pest free zone.

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Most people understand just how difficult cockroaches can be to get rid of ; in fact, their toughness is the stuff of urban legend. This naturally nocturnal pest has a keen ability to quickly adapt to almost any surrounding. Krugersdorp Pest Control highly trained pest professionals, excel at knowing just where cockroach hiding places are located, and which cockroach treatment solutions will be the most effective. We will customize a solution to rid you of these tough, disease carrying pests. The rodent population has steadily grown, particularly in areas such as Krugersdorp.

Just one cockroach seen at your business can hurt business for a long time! Cockroach control Krugersdorp pose several threats to your business including disease, food contamination and they can even bite. Cockroach fumigation Krugersdorp can eat just about anything, including plastic, glue, trash, and more causing costly damage to your business.
When you hire 011 Pest Control Services Krugersdorp as your cockroach exterminator, we perform multiple-stage treatment so you can rest assured we will eliminate your roach issue.

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Both the American cockroach and German cockroach seek similar environments in which to breed. A suitable site will consist very simply of food, water, humidity, warmth and a secure breeding place. The American cockroach prefers to breed in and around underground sewer facilities and utility networks from which they may venture out into other buildings. This is why we often find American cockroach activity in older row homes. Areas of high humidity are preferred, such as in basements, boiler rooms, steam tunnels and sewers. German cockroaches on the other hand, are much more likely to be found moving from place to place in bags, boxes and even on clothing. With both species, it only takes one pregnant female to create an infestation and cockroach numbers can increase nearly exponentially if conditions are favorable.

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For pest control near Krugersdorp, Our pest professionals implement customized solutions that address insects and rodents before they become established, correct pest vulnerable areas, and provide detailed inspection reports to keep you up to date. We understand that your reputation is on the line each day and pests cannot be tolerated. 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp provides pest control services for hundreds of restaurants and foodservice establishments throughout Krugersdoorp pest control, fumigation companies Johannesburg, and Gauteng.

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All common household pests (Ants, bats, termites, cockroaches) The following is a list of pests treated:Woodworm, Wasps, Pests of Textiles, Termites, Silverfish, Moths, Cockroaches, Fleas, Bed bugs, Birds, Ants, Flies , rats, spiders, Mice, Midges and Mosquitoes

We serve a wide variety of sectors, regardless of their size, from small single offices to large corporate buildings, industrial sites, and retail complexes, Restaurants, Warehousing and distribution centers for logistics, Hospitality, Farms, Office buildings and business parks, Mills and storage silos, Storage and Warehousing, Processing & Manufacturing of Food, Stores and shopping malls, Hatcheries and slaughterhouses for chickens, Departments of government, Schools

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At 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp, we offer a once off pest removal and also ongoing extermination.With its Ongoing treatment and maintenance, 011 Pest Control is one of the best companies in Krugersdorp with the skills to effectively help you with your pest control needs. Can make recommendations on how to prevent or eliminate pests so you can make long term plans.

011 Pest Control has licenses that qualify us to apply pesticides. We are the pest control company that is a member of the South African Pest Control Association or SAPCA. We will perform aftercare treatments that disinfect the treated areas. Though the pests are gone some areas may contain infectious diseases and viruses.Don’t overpay for any service, that’s why you need local pest control expert from 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp who are skilled and vetted offering different services like Fumigation Services & Residual disinfection. And chemicals we are using are Safe for children and pets.

Price Estimate for pest control in Krugersdorp

Pest Control Rates – Home (per room): R500 : R1000
Pest Control Rates – Commercial/industrial (/100m2): R650 : R1300

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Frankly, the partly effective DIY methods will only delay the effective treatment of the infestation, giving the mice more time to breed. Hence, calling out a pest control company such as 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp timeously is extremely important. Agavia, Apple Park, Azaadville, Azaadville Gardens, Beckedan, Boltonia, Breaunanda, Broederstroom, Burgershoop, Chamdor, Chancliff A H, Chancliff Ridge, Dan Pienaarville, Delporton, Diepkloof, Diswilmar A H, Driefontein, Eldorado, Eljeesee AH, Factoria, Featherbrooke Estate, Greengate, Hekpoort, Helderblom, Heritage, Heights, Heuningklip, Homes Haven, Honingklip A H, Kagiso, Kenmare, Kromdraai, Krugersdorp Central, Krugersdorp North, Krugersdorp Rural, Krugersdorp West, Monument, Lammermoor, Lewisham, Lindley, Luipaardsvlei, Magaliesburg, Malatjie, Marabeth, Mindalore, Mooiplaats, Muldersdrift, Munsieville, Munsieville South, Nooitgedacht,Noordheuwel,Noordkruin, Northvale A H, Oak Tree, Oatlands, Olivanna, Orient Hills, Paardekraal, Paardeplaats A H, Pinehaven, Protea Ridge, Proteadal, Quellerie Park, Range View, Rant En Dal, Rhenosterspruit, Rietfontein, Rietfontein A H, Rietvallei, Rietvallei A H, Silverfields, Steynsvlei A H, Sugar Bush Estate, Tarlton, Tshepisong, Tweefontein, Wentworth Park, West Rand Cons Mines, West Village, Wildtuin Park, Zwartkrans, Westonaria. 

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The tried and trusted solution to Pest Problems in Krugersdorp and all over Gauteng. 011 Pest Control has proven safe and successful applications with pre and after-sales services that are second to none. 011 Pest Control in Randfontein and Fumigation Services in Krugersdorp are fully mobile which means that your pest or fumigation problem can be eradicated in a short period of time. Find a selection of Pest Control Specialists in Krugersdorp / Mogale City. Get quotes from the most trusted Pest Control Companies in Krugersdorp. Rated and reviewed by the community of Krugersdorp. We at 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp can assist with removing the following, cockroach control Krugersdorp, termites control Krugersdorp, bed bugs control Krugersdorp, ants control Krugersdorp, birds, and rats control Krugersdorp. we take care of ants, rodents, cockroach fumigation Krugersdorp, flies, spiders, bed bugs, and birds that are causing havoc in your home or business. 

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Looking for a Pest Controller? We can match you with the best Pest Controllers in Krugersdorp in minutes, pest control specialists Krugersdorp, pest control companies in Krugersdorp, Pest Control Experts Are Industry Leaders In The Extermination Of Common Pests Including. Rodents, Termites, Ants, Bed Bugs, Beetles, Fleas, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, And Wasps. Control Bed Bugs. Control Was & Bees. Control Rats. Control Ticks & Fleas. ‎Rodent Control · ‎Sanitation Services · ‎Fogging Services · ‎Extermination Services, Pest exterminator Krugersdorp, Rats, Pest control specialists Krugersdorp, Spider, Pest control company Krugersdorp, Pigeon, Fumigation services Krugersdorp, Fly control Krugersdorp, Pest control services Krugersdorp, Cockroaches, fleas Krugersdorp, rats Krugersdorp, Ants termites control Krugersdorp

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With pest control specialists, Before the fumigation process begins, medicines and food should be sealed and placed in cupboards; air conditioning systems should be turned off. Occasionally you may need to arrange alternative accommodation for the period when the fumigation services Krugersdorp is being carried out depending on the size of the property as well as the type and severity of infestation although in most cases you can return the same day. The property must be vacant while the fumigation is taking place. Our pest control technicians will carry out the fumigation, ensuring that the pesticide has a chance to get everywhere and has time to work especially Flea fumigation near Johannesburg. Any pets should be treated using safe, non-toxic methods such as specialist shampoos before re-entering the property. Once the fumigation process has been completed there will be a ventilation period.

Our pest control technicians will be able to monitor the level of toxic fumes in your home and will inform you when it is safe to inhabit. Rats breed and spread quickly, so they must be dealt with quickly. If you see a rat in an area surrounding your property, such as your garden, you should contact 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp. You should also look out for signs such as rodent droppings, which may indicate a rodent infestation is present.

We are successful because we understand that there is not a one size fits all solution to pest problems in commercial and industrial facilities. We work closely with clients to develop and implement a customized pest management plan that addresses their needs, their pest pressures and that is sensitive to their budgetary restrictions. Preventing cockroaches is extremely difficult. We just cannot say when and where you might come in contact with these smart hitchhikers.

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At 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp, we can help you eliminate and avoid rodent problems, including rat, squirrel and mice infestations. Rodent infestations are incredibly invasive, making it essential you contact our team as soon as you suspect you may be experiencing a rodent problem.

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At 011 Pest Control Krugersdorp, we offer pest-proofing services that efficiently cover and protect entry points used by pests, such as rodents and insects, to enter your property. Entry points are often undetectable to the untrained eye; for example, rats need only a hole or gap of just 10mm to enter a property.

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011 Fumigation Services in Krugersdorp

Our treatment method includes a multiple approach system to better exterminate roaches in your business. This process includes:
– Inspection of your facility and unique environment
– Consultation for the most effective, roach-free results
– Treating the existing and prevention of future roach infestations
– Drainage cleaning, sealants, and other methods for prevention.

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