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As a leading Pest Control Kempton Park & Fumigation Services Kempton Park, Fast, effective home pest control begins with cockroach control Kempton Park‘s No. 1 choice in exterminator services – 011 Professional Pest Control company in JHB.

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Fumigation Services Kempton Park

fumigation services Kempton Park

Your local Kempton Park pest control will deliver safe and professional home pest control based on your unique needs and pest problem. Let 011 Pest Control in Kempton Park visit your home today to conduct a thorough home inspection from which he’ll develop your customized home pest control plan.
At more than 10 years in the making, 011 Pest Control’s effective pest management solutions are the most tried and tested in the industry. Pair that with our award-winning specialist training and outstanding customer service, and we become the clear option for pest control Tembisa residents. Getting started is easy. Just pick up the phone and call your local cockroach fumigation Kempton Park pest control to get your FREE estimate today.
No other pest control provider offers the service, value, and effectiveness than us.

As the best pest control companies in Kempton Park, we have highly trained professionals who know how to handle fumigants that are toxic in nature. They also give all the necessary information about the fumigants so the clients don’t face a problem when using them, hence that is why you need Boksburg Pest Control Company with Safe & Effective Treatment. For green method extermination in Kempton Park, residents can contact us to schedule an appointment any time, 24 hours a day, using the contact form on this page or calling our office number. You can always rely on 011 Pest Control Kempton Park to be fully discreet.

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All 011 Pest Control solutions are based on the latest scientific research and developments to bring you the most innovative home pest control products available. 011 Cockroach fumigation‘s regional pest problems are unique, and it takes a team of dedicated entomologists to stay up to date on new pest activity and the most effective control solutions for each species. At 011 Pest Control Kempton Park , these scientists are on staff, along with chemists, biologists, and other specialized professionals. This means we’re continually testing and developing new solutions to treat pests right here in South Africa.


011 Pest Control also partners with top universities across the nation so that we can leverage the latest research in home pest control. While our national footprint gives us incredible access to these brilliant minds, our local reach means you’ll get quality home pest control services in Kempton Park. We uses both liquid and foam treatment methods to reach every crevice and hiding place in your home. The liquid solution provides a termite-proof barrier around your home; dry foam penetrate deep within walls and floors to fortify your home’s framework. Your pest control specialists Kempton Park will determine when to use each solution to treat your unique problem.


Eliminate the pest threat from your home by calling 011 Pest Control Kempton Park today. You’ll get a FREE estimate and can schedule service immediately. Then sit back and watch the A.I.M process in action. Through one of the most thorough inspections in the industry, We will get to the root of your termite problem and use those findings to solve it. This process also helps your fumigation inspectors understand the unique characteristics of your home and family – important factors in developing your customized treatment plan. Fumigants are pesticides that are volatile and exert their toxic action as poisonous gases in an enclosed space. Fumigation is a versatile technique that can be applied in a wide range of situations.

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Your home’s potential for a termite infestation is also impacted by your geographical location. Homes in the southeastern Johannesburg East are much more likely to suffer termite damage than homes. Those near water stand an even greater chance of experiencing a termite infestation. Annual visits ensure your home stays clear of termites control Kempton Park. You can also request special visits throughout the year if you suspect termite activity within or near your home. 011 Pest Control will provide additional treatment whenever it’s required.

Dealing with Termite control Kempton Park, rodent control Kempton Park, cockroach fumigation Kempton Park and bedbug fumigation Kempton Park are some of the services that are needed in many homes in and around. 011 Fumigation Services specialize in the eradication or removal of pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, flies control, lice, termites. The Pest Control branch for the East Rand Area is situated in Edenvale and we … Katroskontein | Kaydale| Kenleaf | Khatamping | Kilfenora. We at Pest Control in Kempton Park can assist with removing the following, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, ants, birds, and rats.TAGS, pest control companies in Kempton park, pest control around Kempton Park.

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With our efficient, secure, and reliable solutions, you can trust that our team at 011 Pest Control will swiftly tackle any pest-related issue you may have Carpenter ants love wet weather, and cockroach control Kempton Park has plenty of it. In fact, the johannesburg pest control company near me is among the top 25% of states with the highest amount of rainfall per year which makes cockroach control the perfect home for these destructive pests. Carpenter ants burrow into wood, oftentimes in places such as the foundation of your home, baseboards, window frames, door frames, and doors. This burrowing causes significant damage as they build their colonies. And as the carpenter ant colony grows, they burrow deeper and deeper until the wood becomes increasingly weak.

This causes structural problems for your home that could be costly to repair. These pests will frequently choose the wood that has already been damaged by water, so ensuring that there are no leaks or damaged wood throughout your home is a good way to prevent these ants from making their way in. If carpenter ants do find their way into your home and begin to cause damage, you should contact 011 Pest Control,  011 Kempton Park pest control provider with experience removing these pests and others to help ensure your home stays pest-free.

011 Pest Control uses the safest possible methods to remove pests which meet SABS standards. Detecting infestations early and conducting treatments aligned to their breeding patterns is truly the key to any successful cockroach control plan. There are some partnership efforts that can be taken to action to limit the likelihood of a growing infestation:

  • Reduce or eliminate all sources of water
  • Eliminate all access to food; keep food items in sealed, air-tight containers
  • Clean up spilled pet foods and remove grease stains around kitchen stoves and appliances
  • Inspect items such as boxes, grocery bags and shipping packages before they enter the home
  • Remove clutter and excess harborage areas such as old newspapers, magazines and boxes

At 011 Pest Control, we provide fast and thorough pest control services. We do not simply eliminate pest problems; we also ensure the problem does not return by offering pest-proofing services. The German cockroach is thought to be one of the most invasive species of cockroach known to man. They are the most common species of cockroach found in homes, apartments and food service establishments, and are one of the most challenging pests known to the pest control industry. They can be found in virtually every type of structure or building where people live or work and have become quite adept at adapting to ever changing environments. They are skillful hitchhikers, extremely prolific breeders and may tolerate many pest control treatments.

We’re known as pest exterminators, termite control specialists and a major authority when it comes to pest control in Kempton Park, but we’re actually much more than that. 011 Pest Control is also an award-winning business that’s supported by a down to earth approach. Our friendly, professionally trained technicians will meet you on time, in time, every time to solve your pest problems. Say goodbye to ants, cockroaches, rats, spiders, bedbugs and other annoying pests for good.

Fumigation Services Kempton Park

Your  ant pest control approaches every pest problem through the lens of our A.I.M. solution, a three-step process developed to address every detail of your home pest control service. It begins with a thorough Assessment of your home to determine the extent of your pest problem and your risk for future infestations. Next, we Implement a customized treatment solution based on the inspection findings. Finally, we Monitor your home and property for new activity and to ensure your home stays pest-free.

Termites are one of the most destructive pests homeowners face. A single infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and their colonies can be nearly impossible to remove on your own.

Let 011 Pest Control’s comprehensive termite control services protect your home from the ravages of termites. With a proven 3-step treatment solution, your pest control specialists Kempton Park will eliminate existing termites and shield your home from future infestations. Our termite control is so effective, it’s guaranteed to work or your money back. No other home pest control provider can match the value and fumigation services in Kempton Park.

Kempton Park Pest Control and Fumigation

All common household pests (Ants, bats, termites, cockroaches) The following is a list of pests treated:Woodworm, Wasps, Pests of Textiles, Termites, Silverfish, Moths, Cockroaches, Fleas, Bed bugs, Birds, Ants, Flies , rats, spiders, Mice, Midges and Mosquitoes

We serve a wide variety of sectors, regardless of their size, from small single offices to large corporate buildings, industrial sites, and retail complexes, Restaurants, Warehousing and distribution centers for logistics, Hospitality, Farms, Office buildings and business parks, Mills and storage silos, Storage and Warehousing, Processing & Manufacturing of Food, Stores and shopping malls, Hatcheries and slaughterhouses for chickens, Departments of government, Schools

Professional Pest Control Services in East Rand

At 011 Pest Control we offer a once off pest removal and also ongoing extermination.With its Ongoing treatment and maintenance, 011 Pest Control is one of the best companies in Kempton Park with the skills to effectively help you with your pest control needs. Can make recommendations on how to prevent or eliminate pests so you can make long term plans.

011 Pest Control has licenses that qualify us to apply pesticides. We are the pest control company that is a member of the South African Pest Control Association or SAPCA. We will perform aftercare treatments that disinfect the treated areas. Though the pests are gone some areas may contain infectious diseases and viruses. Don’t overpay for any service, that’s why you need local pest control expert from 011 Pest Control Kempton Park who are skilled and vetted offering different services like Fumigation Services & Residual disinfection. And chemicals we are using are Safe for children and pets.

Price Estimate for pest control in Kempton Park

Pest Control Rates – Home (per room): R500 : R1000
Pest Control Rates – Commercial/industrial (/100m2): R650 : R1300

Pest Control Services Kempton Park

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011 Pest Control offers Eco-friendly and green product pest control services across Gauteng. Our expert technicians are careful to always utilize the safest and home-safe methods for every pest issue. Allen Grove | Aston Manor | Atlas | Birch Acres | Birchleigh | Birchleigh North | Bonaero Park | Bredell | Brentwood Park | Caro Nome | Chloorkop | Cresslawn | Croydon | Dunblane Lifestyle & Equestrian Estate | Edleen | Esselen Park | Esther Park | Glen Eagle Estate | Glen Erasmia | Glen Marais | Hartebeestfontein | Isando | Kempton Park Central | West | Klipfontein | Klipfontein View | Nimrod Park | Norkem Park | Phomolong | Pomona | Restonvale | Rhodesfield | Spartan | Sterkfontein | Terenure | Tweefontein | Van Riebeeck Park | Witfontein | Witkoppies

Cleaning and disinfecting: Key weapons in the fight against contagious diseases. Spray disinfection of surfaces in the house.
Fogging with disinfectant due to coronavirus.

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011 Pest Control has proven safe and successful applications with pre and after-sales services that are second to none. The tried and trusted solution to Pest Problems and all over Gauteng. 011 Pest Control is an established business. Here are Kempton Park’s best Pest Controls as rated by 1000’s locals in your community. Find trusted, affordable pest control services near you.

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Know your risk factors and what you can do to stop termites from destroying your home. Start by calling the home pest control services Kempton Park at 011 Pest Control for your FREE quote on termite inspection, prevention, and treatment. It’s your guaranteed solution to keep your home termite-free.

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