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011 Pest Control offers fumigation services ULV Fogging, HVLP Fogging, and Thermal Fogging Services for commercial buildings. ULV and HVLP fogging are best for applying non-solvent based liquid, such as disinfectants used for viruses, mold, and other types of biological disinfection.

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Preventive disinfection fogging services are available as a one time or routine service and will effectively maintain a healthy indoor environment. Routine cleaning and disinfecting minimizes the risk of people contracting an illness off surfaces and helps to purify the air.  If you have a lobby or common area in your industrial facility that you would like to have fogged nightly, we can set equipment that will automatically complete the service after hours.  This cost-effective approach is a great way to accomplish consistent disinfectant applications without additional labor charges.  Your occupants will have a feeling of security and your employee morale will increase.


If you are looking to have your facility decontaminated from an infectious disease, a bacterial outbreak, or another biological hazard, we can combine fogging with a more thorough cleaning and disinfectant application for successful sterilization. The disinfectant we use is from EPA’s List N and is one of the only green-friendly botanical options on the list. The dwell time is minimal, and the product is safe. After we complete your commercial fogging disinfection service and the mist settles, you may safely resume work immediately without the need for respiratory protection. Our disinfection control services include microbial cleaning and fogging services in all major areas including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria


Fogging and Misting options are great at reducing dust and other particulates from the air in your building. This service is typically requested by contractors that are working in sensitive environments and need to control the amount of dust from the project they are working on. The misting equipment will be calibrated to your needs, and we can even set a timer for automated results and reduced labor costs. The fog kills 99.99% of pathogens and prevents a build-up of microbial organisms that spread disease. Our disinfectants are non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. It will not stain clothing or any surface it touches.

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services Johannesburg

Environmentally Friendly

Our disinfectants are non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. It will not stain clothing or any surface it touches.

Safe For Everyone

Because we use the most advanced technologies available, our fogging products and processes are safe for people, food, plants and pets in all business and domestic environments.

Our fogging Services johannesburg

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covid 19 disinfecting services

We have specialists fully trained and equipped with the highest quality fogging equipment to handle your needs. Our industrial foggers are a great option for fogging large facilities quickly and our precision foggers are well suited for sensitive areas and electronics.  If you are looking for a green-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient commercial fogging service that treats safety as the highest priority, you have come to the company. This disinfection cleaning service entails periodic advanced: spray tech pressure misting, ULV cold misting & or Thermal fogging dependent on surfaces.

covid-19 fumigation services

fumigation services Covid-19

The most important first step is to notify our team immediately so that we can implement our cleaning protocol. Our priority is to ensure the safety of our cleaning teams so that they can do what is necessary to properly clean and disinfect your facility.

If a known or suspected case of coronavirus has occurred in your facility, standard cleaning and disinfection procedures will be used. This involves first using cleaners and water to pre-clean surfaces. Next, approved disinfectants will be applied to high-touch areas.

011 Pest cleaning personnel follow universal precautions including the use of proper PPE such as gowns, masks, eye protection, gloves, and shoe covers. Cleaning materials will be disposable to reduce cross-transmission.

011 Pest Control provides effective disinfectant services and infection control in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. Specialist Disinfection Services. Rentokil delivers a professional, high-quality, and legally compliant disinfection service. 011 Pest Control is a leading cleaning & sanitation company with branches across the world. This disinfection cleaning service entails periodically advanced: spray tech pressure misting, ULV cold misting & or Thermal fogging dependent on surfaces. Cleaning Specialists are experienced experts in microbial control. we offer, fogging service to disinfect those hard to access problems. Specialized disinfectant fogging services for effective germ control in high-foot traffic zones such as schools, offices, doctor’s rooms, retails stores, 011 Pest Control’s heavy-duty cleaning teams utilize specialized chemicals that focus directly on removing built-up body fats, grease, and grime. Expertly Disinfect Your Space – Disinfect Any & All Spaces Now

Our Trained Technicians & Top Equipment Will Provide A Full Disinfectant Solution. Call Us. Get Peace Of Mind Knowing That Our Advanced Disinfection Tech Is Protecting Your Space. Sanitization Fogging Services – Affordable Fogging Services, high level, non-toxic organic solution to disinfect and sanitize a variety of surfaces. Anti-Microbial Treatment is an advanced disinfecting solution that uses

Sanitization Fogging Services – Affordable Corporate Cleaning. Our trained TMT Cleaning technicians provide customized sanitization treatment. We protect your premises against unwanted contamination (i.e viruses, bacteria and fungi)
Deep Disinfection Service – Fogging Disinfection Service. Fast Disinfection Services, To Help Your Business Keep Going. Enquire Now! Disinfect Your Space With Professional Disinfection Services. Shop Now.! 72 Hour Callout Service. High-Quality Chemicals. Quality Foggers. Superior Service. Specialist Fogging Services – Disinfect Any & All Spaces
Fogging Service For All Work & Home Environments, Killing 99.9% Of Germs. Call Us Today. Lightning Fast Fogging & Disinfection Service, Approved By SABS & NRCS. Call Our Team Now. Lightning Fast Service. Trusted Cleaning Experts. Get Your Free Quote Today.

Cleaning Specialists are experienced experts in microbial control.we offer, fogging service to disinfect those hard to access problem. Specialized disinfectant fogging services for effective germ control in high-foot traffic zones such as schools, offices, doctor’s rooms, retails stores. We Offer Sanitizing and Disinfection Services for Offices, Factories and Municipalities. We Supply of Disinfecting Aerosols, Foggers and Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. We Can Disinfect Taxis, Trucks, Warehouses, Shops, Offices, Schools & Homes. Call Us Today.

Disinfect services johannesburg

011 Pest Control Johannesburg utilizes a misting application to disinfect and sanitize homes, offices, restaurants, schools, retailers, clinics, and hospitals.  

Our 011 Pest Control disinfectant and sanitizing solution is a great option for anyone wishing to take extra precautions to ensure their environment is clean and disinfected as well as those who have health or immunity concerns that may not be sufficiently addressed by standard cleaning procedures. 011 Pest Control has been found to be an effective treatment against the spread of viral and bacterial infections.


011 Pest Control uses a highly-acclaimed botanical disinfectant solution that kills 99.9% of viruses (including the human Coronavirus), bacteria, fungi and mold . This solution disinfects, cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes in just ONE step. Eco-friendly, EPA registered disinfectant. Contains no harsh chemicals and eliminates most Allergens upon contact. Non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-abrasive. Safe for everyday use. Ready-to-use, patented and NSF Certified formula that requires no rinsing - even on food contact surfaces.


After surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, 011 Pest Control can then apply the BIOPROTECT™ RTU Antimicrobial Surface Protectant. This is an optional treatment designed to protect surfaces between regular cleanings. EPA-registered, water-based formula that forms an antimicrobial shield which provides persistent, continuous, antimicrobial surface protection against a broad range of odor and stain-causing microbes (bacteria, mold, mildew and algae) -- with efficacy that remains effective for up to 90 days.


011 Pest Control will certify that the property has been treated with the disinfectant and antimicrobial surface protectant. This certification will let others know that the property has been cleaned with the most advanced technology on the market. Non-flammable, colorless, odorless, non-leaching and non-migrating. Can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces, including HVAC systems. Safe for use on food contact surfaces, utensils, appliances and equipment.

Cleaning and disinfecting: Key weapons in the fight against contagious diseases. Spray disinfection of surfaces in the house.
Fogging with disinfectant due to coronavirus.

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Professional cleaning services know that the germs that cause viruses can live on surfaces in the workplace for several days. Any time someone sneezes or coughs, these germs are in the air and finding surfaces to land on and contaminate. We make cleaning offices (and keeping yours as germ-free as possible) our business. Clean Team is using advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces with electrostatic disinfecting fogging.

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When you have a large facility and need to disinfect, sterilize, decontaminate, reduce airborne particulate, or deodorize quickly, commercial fogging with a company that has the right tools and training may be the answer. Thermal Fogging is solvent-based and produces a gas which is typically better suited for commercial deodorization projects.

How 011 Pest Control Cleans

fogging services johannesburg


  • The service is appropriate for both residential and commercial structures. 
  • Homeowners must remain outside of the home for two hours to let the product settle.
  • All food, plates, and cups must be safely stored, including pet bowls and cookware.
  • Treatment will be applied with a misting machine and will vary based on square feet.
  • The recommendation for treatment is weekly or bi-weekly to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria. 
  • While we cannot guarantee 100% protection, 011 Pest Control reduces the presence of viruses and bacteria. disinfection services near me, disinfection services pretoria, disinfection services durban, disinfection services cape town, covid disinfection services, home disinfection services johannesburg, office disinfection services, residential disinfection services, covid disinfection services near me, disinfection cleaning services, disinfection and sanitization services, disinfection covid 19 services, disinfection office services

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